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At Naruto's appartment...
"*yaaawn* Man i slept well!" The blonde boy said, he felt something on his chest, looked at it and saw Hinata sleeping with her head on his pyjama shirt. 'I really need to get used to that.' He thought. She then slowly started opening her eyes too. "Good morning, Hinata-chan." Naruto said. She looked up towards him and smiled, after that she got out of bed.
She hesitated a bit after that but said: "C-Could you l-leave the room please? I-I need to change." "Oh of course!" Naruto said, got out of bed and as he went out of the room, Hinata grabbed his shoulder. "P-Please don't peep." "Of course i won't." He answered smiling." He closed the door. He sat down in his couch and noticed footsteps coming from the kitchen. The door opened and the maid came in. "Good morning, Naruto-sama, did you have a good night's sleep?" "Yeah, i did, and you?" "Yes, thanks for asking, what would you like for breakfast?" "Umm, just some bread and some things to put on it like cheese or something" "Where's Lady Hinata?" "She's changing, she'll be here any second now." And just when he said that, the door opened and she walked out in her casualwear. "Your turn now." She said. Naruto went trough the door and closed it again. "Good morning Hinata-sama, did you have a good night's sleep?" "Yeah, i did, and you?" "Umm... yes, thanks for asking, what would you like for breakfast?" "Umm, just some bread and some things to put on it like cheese or something" The maid started laughing. "What's so funny?" Hinata responded "Well, it's just... you and Naruto-sama both said the exact same things. "Really?" "Yes, and in the same tone too." At that moment the bedroom door opened again and Naruto came out. "Alright, time for food!" He said. "when they sat down at the table, they already saw what they were gonna take. Naruto went for the peanut butter, and Hinata for the jelly. after that, they switched. Naruto noticed she actually did the same thing he did. "Hey, you like peanutbutterjelly sandwiches too?" "y-yeah!" They laughed " I guess it's just another thing we have in common." Hinata said. The maid looked at them and smiled.
L.I.L.A.G.R. CH 29 : Equalities
Looks like they have a lot in common! :)
"N-Naruto-kun, i'd like to ask you something." "sure, what is it?" "Well, we've been living in my house for some time, how about we go to your appartment for a while?" "Sure, let's go ask your father."
*a moment later* "Ummm... father?" "yes?" "could we please stay at Naruto's appartment for a while" "Well that's convenient. Naruto, i was just about to ask you if Hinata could stay over at your appartment, because we're leaving for another errand." "Well, of course then." "Good then, i'll order the servants to pack your stuff and then you can leave."
*some more moments later.* 7 servants walked in, all with loads of boxes full of Hinata's stuff. "Umm, are you really going to take all of these things with you? We're only staying over at my appartment for 3 weeks or so!" Naruto asked. Hinata sweatdropped. "I need all this, you'll see." She said. "Alright, now to carry these to your appartment." Hiashi said. and the servants carried it to the appartment.
*at the appartment* Naruto just opened the door of his appartment and heard noises from the  kitchen. He went to look and saw a woman with black hair, in maid outfit. She turned around to look at him. "Oh, good day, Naruto-sama, Hinata-sama. I've been assigned by Hiashi to work for you while Hinata's staying here. I will prepare your breakfast dinner and lunch, i will also do the cleaning." "Oh, cool, what are you making right now?" "apparently your favourite meal, i'm just preparing it, instant ramen, with the miso-pork recipe of Ichiraku's." Naruto's eyes started shining. "you... you have his recipe?" "yes." "C-can i have it?" "No, he specifically told me not to give you, you would eat way too much." "ah darnit."
L.I.L.A.G.R. CH 28 : Changing homes
alrighty! i'm back i had a lot to do and stuff and there were lots of distractions but i took some time to do this again. :) enjoy
hi all!! i wondered, does anyone of you read mangas online? cuz i do and i get some inspiration from that for my fanfics.

And also, i've been thinking of these thing: what do the readers of my fanfics want to read? what's the favourite type of story of my readers? And what's your fav fanfic up to now? and many more

please answer these questions and maybe I'll write something new for each reader. bai!!
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