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One after another, the trappers came down from the trees, executing their “Plan B”. Akamaru stood tall over his friend, and kept his cool, he knew they wanted to kidnap her, but he wasn’t going to let that happen.
The first trapper tried his luck, he charged at them with a syringe in his hand. Probably some kind of strong narcotics. He couldn’t risk being hit even once, but he had to take them out somehow…

One of them jumped forward. Akamaru saw his chance, right when the trapper was going to stab him, he lunged forward and bit his leg, not holding back, and on the while he scratched the guy’s arm with the claw on his right paw. He afterwards pushed the guy away from Paki, making him fall, it seemed that the guy had stabbed himself with the syringe, because he fell asleep not long after he fell.

Paki watched how Akamaru was protecting her. She seemed like she wanted to fight along with him, but that one trapper that started talking to them glared at her and again, the memories of her escape attempt popped up in her head. She remembered what happened in the forest, so long ago.

“Come on Paki, where are you?! We gotta run! They’ve found us!” Ruby shouted, followed by several loud voices, the guards were after her. Paki stood up quickly, Ruby’s voice seemed to come from far away, she ran towards where the sound was coming from.
After Paki arrived where Ruby was, she saw her master, slightly bleeding, running at high speed, followed by at least 15 others.

“Paki! Help!!!” Ruby shouted, one of the followers jumped at her and Paki lunged forward, bashing herself into the guy, pushing him away, making him hit a tree, that’s one down. They were fast, but weak. This made Paki think only using brute strength would help taking more of them out.

They all kept trying the same thing, rushing forward, sometimes in groups of 2 or 3, but Paki kept bashing them to the side, she wasn’t going to let her master get caught. She was confident of this, until she suddenly felt sleepy, she looked down at her paw and saw a broken narcotics needle in it.

She got really mad, and with the last power she had, she tried to protect her master, until Ruby got caught when she wasn’t paying attention and they ran off with her. There were still 8 more to go. Paki growled loud and clear for every one of them to hear. She lunged forward towards one of them, bashing him against the tree behind him, gave him a knock-out stomp to the face. Next one, same thing, some of them were persistent and didn’t go down so easily, some even dodged her lunging towards them.

But Paki was persistent too, although she felt the sleep narcotics kicking in, she kept going, lunging towards another one and pushing him down on the ground, then scratching him several times and another powerful knock-out stomp to the head. But then… it became too much, she became slow and felt very drowsy.

“Paki! Where are you?!” She heard her master calling out to her. Paki her eyes went wide open again, they looked red… and she saw she was surrounded by the trappers, who were just going to pick her up and bring her with them. She wasn’t done yet. She could save her master. Paki growled once more and started trying to bite her surrounders, she got one, made him fall by pulling on his leg and jumped over him. Now she could take a few down if she went from the side, she strafed quickly and lunged forwards once again, taking 2 down.

Her eyes were glowing red and her teeth were showing, she was growling loudly, the other trappers became afraid and backed off, Paki slowly stepped closer to them, knowing she had won. Until… “Hey there little doggie!” She heard someone say, she wanted to look where it came from, but it was too late, 4 narcotic needles hit her in the back, thrown, probably. This became way too much, she couldn’t fight anymore. Her eyes started closing and the last thing she saw before falling in a deep sleep, was the face of the trapper who had finished her off. “Time to sleep, mutt.”
L.I.L.A.G.R. CH31: Paki's persistence
Well, another chapter, I worked on this during the breaks we had between the 2 lessons Secretariat we had on friday. Hope you guys like it!

A flashback, a trauma for our dear Paki.
Hi guys, nobody's probably gonna read this or care about it. But hi! I've been gone for more than a year now, I think. After not having time to do this more often because of school or other reasons, I made a bad habit out of it, also after some personal problems,I just had no more motivation to do any work for this anymore. But now I realise, i've been letting you guys down, because I see that some people really seem to like my story(ies). I'm very sorry. I do have some new chapters ready to be put on here and be read by the world. :) I just need a very good mood and i'll be typing away on my new chapter. If you still want to read my stories, even after I've been gone for so long, I'd find that amazing. Thank all of you guys, even though it's not a lot, you guys mean a lot to me.

Greetz from Sam ^-^
(Also, Naruhina is now canon, exciting!!)
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